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La Perruche, Un art de vivre

Since 1890 La Perruche Pure Cane sugar is a symbol of French refinement and gastronomy with its unique and authentic flavours. In 2015, the brand adopts a colourful new identity.
La Perruche has won customers over for relaxing moments with family and friends, baking exquisite pastries at home or enjoying a coffee at an exclusive terrace.
Doutreloux has flown La Perruche outside of the French borders and has developed its renown on all continents introducing the iconic brand on the most elegant tables and in the world greatest Chefs’ kitchens.
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Worldwide, gourmets are looking for the exquisite taste of La Perruche sugar.
Madame Shinco success story in Japan is a remarkable example of the international reach of La Perruche products.

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